Do you have a minimum number of people required for weddings?

-Yes, there is a 4 person makeup only service minimum for Friday, Saturday and Sunday weddings. There is a 4 person hair only service minimum for Friday, Saturday and Sunday weddings.

What is the maximum amount of people the team can accommodate?

-We dont have a maximum! MBJ & Co is an elite team of 15 talented beauty specialists. To put in perspective, our team could theoretically accomplish 90 services in under 6 hours.

Do you travel outside Rhode Island?

-Yes, we are based in Newport, RI but will travel on location to clients within the United States and internationally.

Can I book a trial before I sign a contract?

-Due to demand, we do not offer trials before signing a contract. If you are unsure if my team and I can deliver the look you have envisioned you can view past work on this website wedding page, read our reviews on The Knot, and browse our Instagram page dedicated to posting past client’s hair and makeup results. If you would like to see if our personalities match, Zoom calls are offered during the week only.

Do you offer hairstyling services?

-Yes, all of our hair beauty specialists are seasoned wedding hair professionals with licenses.

Can I just book hair beauty specialists if I booked makeup with another company?

-Yes, if you only need hair styling services you can book hair beauty specialists only. Please note that we do not coordinate schedules with other beauty service companies. We will be happy to review their beauty schedule if you forward it to us in advance as a courtesy.

How long do I have to sign the contract once I receive it?

– Contracts are sent on request. There are times when multiple contracts are sent out on any given day for the same wedding date. All wedding dates in the order in which a signed contract and 50% reservation deposit are received. I do not follow up once a contract is sent out it is the responsibility of the couple/wedding planner to secure the date.

How many weddings do you do in a given day?

-Weddings are booked until there are no beauty specialists available. Beauty specialists are not booked for more than one wedding per day so we can give you our undivided attention the entire day. Clients hire MBJ & Co because they place a high value on their hair and makeup vision for their wedding day and want it professionally executed.

Do you and the team know how to style ALL hair types?

– Absolutely, our professional beauty experts are masters of all hair types.

Do you and the team know how to apply makeup on ALL skin tones?

-Yes, if a makeup artist does not know how to apply makeup on all skin types, they are NOT a professional makeup artist.

Do you offer airbrush?

-Airbrushing is offered by Jenna for tattoo coverage only. Airbrush makeup is offered by some makeup beauty specialists not all. All makeup beauty specialists are experts in traditional foundation application but not vice versa.

Is gratuity included in pricing?

-No, gratuity is not included in pricing. Gratuity will be calculated based on number of services on the contract and will be billed in advance on the invoice.

How far in advance are beauty services booked before the wedding date?

-A majority of our clients are successful in securing our services when they are booked 7 months-1.5 years in advance.

What makeup products do you use?

-The beauty specialists work with products that will consistently deliver the most professional long lasting results. Each beauty specialist has their own product and brand preferences as there are many different products to choose in the modern beauty world. There could be 5 different beauty specialists using 5 different beauty products all producing identical results.

If I’m planning my wedding out of state, how do I have a wedding preview?

-We advise couples planning out of state that it is ideal to book the wedding preview 2-3 months in advance to the wedding date but if that is not possible to arrange the wedding preview when they are in town for their tastings or venue site visit.

Do I get to choose the beauty specialists for my wedding day?

-Unless the owner, Jenna, is specifically requested, clients are paired with beauty specialists that will match and complement each other on a personality level first. This is because all makeup beauty specialists must be able deliver the same in demand standard of quality and aesthetic as Jenna herself. All hair beauty specialists are required to execute without question upstyles, downstyles, glam waves, clip in extension inserts and blow outs.

Do you have portfolio’s of your beauty specialists?

Yes, You will be sent the portfolio of the specialists available for your date on request.

Do your beauty specialists have an Instagram?

The main Instagram page encompasses all work by owner Jenna and her highly sought after team of beauty specialists.

If you have questions that cannot be answered with the Makeup By Jenna & Co wedding hair and makeup questions please contact me and I will be happy to assist!