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Jenna and her large team of beauty specialists service wedding parties small and large. When Jenna is hired for larger wedding parties she brings additional beauty specialist.

Who are Makeup By Jennas beauty specialists? Beauty specialists are invited and accepted to represent MBJ weddings and events based on several criteria in no order:

-Minimum  10+  years

-Hairstylists must be licensed


-Cleanliness of professional hair/makeup kits

-Sanitation Practices

-Makeup Specialists: Proven experience working on all skin tones and skin textures

-Hair specialists: Proven experience working on all hair colors and hair textures


-Accepting of all religious backgrounds, genders, age, race

-Team members are encouraged to continue their education to keep up to date with the latest techniques and products

-Portfolio that demonstrates red carpet and wedding hairstyling and/or polished modern makeup artistry


Jenna aesthetic enhances her clients’ natural beauty and accentuates their best features. She takes a less makeup is more when it is done correctly approach.  Some clients may need a little more product in one area versus another but at the end of the day its all about embracing natural beauty not hiding it.  Clients trust her experience and talent to look their best for lifes most precious moments.  Jenna and her team execute polished red carpet beauty for all skin tones and hair types. 


Every brand and each product in her kit is tested personally before it goes onto any of her clients. Products are always checked for longevity and to make sure they translate beautifully in-camera. As a vegetarian and animal lover, most of Jennas pro kit is cruelty free. Jenna opts for products with minimal to no: artificial colors, parabens, harsh chemicals, animal by products. 

Best Wedding Hair and Makeup in Boston, Newport

'Choosing the right makeup artist for your wedding is such an important choice–for more reasons than you think.'

'Choosing the right makeup artist for your wedding is such an important choice–for more reasons than you think. And this is coming from someone who works in the event industry! There’s the obvious reason: You want to be confident that you are going to look and feel the way you want to on your wedding day. Jenna and her team knocked this out of the park for us. We had two brides, eight bridesmaids, and two MOBs, split into two separate rooms. Jenna did the makeup for my wife and I, and there were two other makeup artists who did our bridesmaids. My makeup was exactly what I envisioned and exceeded my expectations. My wife, who doesn’t wear much makeup, wanted to ensure her makeup felt natural. From our initial trial through the wedding, Jenna took such great care of her and made sure her makeup was the perfect balance of natural but enhancing. And here comes the plug for our LGBTQ+ fam: you will be totally comfortable working with Jenna and her team! The not-so-obvious reasons: You are going to spend a significant portion of your day with the beauty team. In fact, they are likely the first vendor you will interact with on your wedding day. So in addition to finding someone who has the talent, you want to find someone you vibe with. You’re going to feel a mix of things on your wedding day, and if you work with Jenna, she and her team will be there to support you. Talent and vibe are important, but so is organization and planning. Wedding days are unpredictable, and you want to work with vendors who have contingency plans for all of the possibilities. Jenna built our getting ready schedule so carefully, which ensured we had plenty of time for everyone’s services and never felt rushed. In fact, my room was ready about an hour early, and we had so much sitting around talking and reminiscing. Those memories (and photos) are priceless. All of this to say, don’t learn the hard way that you get what you pay for. There are many people who can do your makeup, but ensure you hire a professional like Jenna who can do your makeup, support you on your big day, and ensure that contingencies are in place in case anything comes up. Book your big day with Jenna before she books up! You won’t regret it!! '

Wedding Makeup and Hairstyling

'Jenna and Stephanie completed my hair and makeup for my wedding and exceeded my expectations.'

'Jenna and Stephanie completed my hair and makeup for my wedding and exceeded my expectations. We all looked beautiful, and they gave us exactly what we wanted. Jenna is so sweet and wants every girl to feel special. She gives 10/10 customer service and is so comforting. I highly recommend her.'


'I didn’t want to look at my wedding pictures and be able to see the gloopy concealer makeup on faces, so I was particular in what I wanted..'

'For my one wedding of my life, it was super important to find a makeup artist that did what I envisioned, a clean, natural, classy hot look. I didn’t want to look at my wedding pictures and be able to see the gloopy concealer makeup on faces, so I was particular in what I wanted, this doesn’t happen with Jenna. Jenna exceeded my expectations and made myself and my bridesmaids made us look better than I could imagine. With having sensitive skin, Jenna uses a different set of brushes on each person; that was a big cleanliness plus with me with top notch products. I used my makeup trial for my engagement pictures, I did something lighter for engagement pictures and wedding day I went all out. For my hair, I showed Stephanie what I wanted, and she created it, not every hairdresser can do this. On the wedding day, Stephanie did my hair better than the picture, and I saved it for the next day’s event. Everything held in tack, bobby pins didn’t give me a headache. I didn’t know I could look this stunning on my wedding day, hire Jenna and she will make you look and feel like a QUEEN! To see my husband’s and everyone’s reaction was what a bride wants. I didn’t have to worry about anything, no hiccups just perfection. I’ll be back to even do a makeup lesson so I could learn how myself. And supporting a small local RI business mother, don’t think twice about booking her just do it.'


'The makeup look was flawless and lasted the entire night! '

'Jenna is not only a true professional who is great at her craft, but she also has one of the warmest personalities! Her hair partner, Stephanie, was also amazing and really listened to what we wanted and executed it perfectly. We chose to do without a wedding party for our intimate ceremony but chatting with these amazing women while getting hair & makeup done made me feel like I was sitting in a room full of girlfriends. The makeup look was flawless and lasted the entire night! I wish I had this team for glam at all events I have to attend. I couldn't recommend Makeup by Jenna enough!'

Best Bridal Hair and Makeup

'Jenna, Stephanie and the rest of the team were a dream to work with. '

'Jenna, Stephanie and the rest of the team were a dream to work with. They immediately put me at ease during our trial, carefully taking notes on what I liked and what I wanted changed for the big day and they delivered! I felt so beautiful and confident on the day of the wedding, and lost count of how many people told me I looked like a princess. Jenna was also extremely patient as I added people to the getting-ready schedule. I loved that she scheduled each person so that everything ran smoothly that morning. I highly recommend her to other brides!'

Best Bridal Hair and Makeup in Boston, Newport

'Jenna and Tamara were FANTASTIC! '

'Jenna and Tamara were FANTASTIC! First, they were so professional and kind to me as the bride, the bridesmaids, and my mom and mother-in-law. Jenna even consulted my mother-in-law in Spanish to put her at ease and make sure she got what she wanted. Second, they were able to work with several skin tones and hair textures (among us were white, Latina, and Black women) to make us all look like our best selves - we were all glamorous, but we still looked like ourselves, which was so important to us! Third, all of our makeup was locked in. There was rain, there were tears, there was lots of sweat from dancing, that makeup did not move a millimeter. And to top it all off, they finished all of us more than half an hour ahead of schedule, which left plenty of time for touch ups and gave us more flexibility in the rest of our day. There is a reason my other vendors whooped when they heard we had hired her! Thank you, Jenna, for the incredible service!'


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